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Prevent skin damage from harmful UV rays.

Enjoy our sunless tanning treatment option 

providing you with


for a healthy, natural looking tan.

“Beauty without the Beach” = NO Damage!


LEGS or  FACE & CHEST $20+

Ten Good Reasons To Use Sunless Tanners




  1. You can get a sunless tan even if you can't get a real tan.
    Sunless tanners don't need your melanocytes to be in working order. Dihydroxyacetone [DHA], the active ingredient in 
    sunless tanners, saturates the dead skin cells in the outermost layer of skin, where it turns the protein in the dead cells brown.


  1. Sunless tans are completely safe.
    Back in the 1970s, the FDA added DHA to its list of safe cosmetic ingredients, and there it remains. Unfortunately, the belief
    that sunless tanners are hazardous is not uncommon, possibly due to confusion with tanning pills containing beta carotene
    or canthaxanthin, which were banned by the FDA many years ago.


  1. Sunless tanners are better now than they have ever been.
    DHA is the same ingredient that embarrassed you at that swimming pool party in the 1970s, yet it can now fool
    dermatologists, not to mention your Mom. Since it first appeared in Coppertone QuickTan in 1960, DHA has made many
    strides due to improvements in the refining process. Think of the difference between molasses and white sugar...


  1. Sunless tans are temporary.
    After five to seven days, your sunless tan begin to fade, although the "best maintained" tan could cling up to two weeks-
     it's all about proper maintenance!  A sunless tan is not a long term commitment!


  1. Sunless tans take less time than a real tan; you can have a tan tomorrow.
    You don't have to start "working on your tan" months in advance. A sunless tan can be a spontaneous decision, like trying
    a new nail polish.


  1. Sunless tanning can help you keep your resolve to use sun screen every day.
    Everyone knows they are supposed to use sun screen daily, but few people are fond of the short term effects: pasty white skin.
    With sunless tanners, you can have the best of both worlds - a golden brown hue, and no skin damage. Ten years from now,
    everyone will hide behind you when the camera comes out.


  1. You can have Sunless tan on specific areas.
    A sunless tan can add a glow to just your face & arms, just your legs, etc.

  1. Conversely, you don't have to worry about tan lines - you can get a sunless tan all over ("bathingsuit bottoms" always required)

  1. You don't have to spend a lot of money. We have a GREAT referral program and we also have series packages.

  2. You don’t have to worry about damage or wrinkles- sunless tanning is the best option for healthy skin!